Marinator By Lyco is proud to introcuce the All-New LT40-II vacuum tumbler is the ideal machine for commercial vacuum tumbling.

Marinator By Lyco LT40-II

The Lyco LT40-II vacuum tumbler is the ideal machine for commercial vacuum tumbling.

  • More economical 40 lb. capacity vacuum tumbler
  • The same high quality construction at a lower price
  • Powder Coated Steel Base
  • Uses the same drums as the LT40
  • The dimensions of the LT40-II are 28″ long x 13″ wide x 18″ high

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Additional Information About Vacuum Tumbling

 Vacuum tumbling opens the protein tissue and causes the liquid solution used to infuse throughout the tissue. This tenderizes the protein tissue, cleanses impurities from it, and carries marinade flavor, if used, deep into the meat.

Our vacuum meat and marinade tumbler models draw a high vacuum, so they are more effective and efficient at both flavoring and cleansing than others.

Other unique health benefits can be achieved by using specially-formulated marinades, with or without flavor, in our vacuum tumblers.

If you want to use a favorite marinade recipe of your own, we recommend that you use less sodium and other seasonings than normal or it will taste too strong.

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Perfect for Chefs & Foodies


Best for Chefs and Butchers

About Marinator by Lyco

Marinator by Lyco™ provides vacuum food tumblers to professional chefs and foodies to ensure their meats and marinades are the best they can be.

When you use our Marinator by Lyco vacuum tumblers, your customers will experience juicier, more tender, flavorful & fresher-tasting product!

Take the taste and texture of your meats to the next level.

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Ned Thornton

Ned Thornton

Food Scientist

Ned Thornton has been working in the commercial food industry for more than 34 years. Ned’s story began in 1979 when he worked with a company which manufactured smokehouses for commercial meat and fish processors. The company wanted to add a vacuum tumbler to their product line for smaller processors.